Name: Woodward, Samuel
Date of birth: 1821-09-17
Place of birth: in Norwich
Days of death: 1865-07-11
Place of death: in Herne Bay
Gender: male

Anonym 1864-1865: [Woodward, S.] Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, London, pp. LXXXVI-LXXXVII

Anonym 1865: [Woodward, S.] American journal of conchology, Philadelphia, Pa. 1, pp. 379

Anonym 1865: [Woodward, S.] American journal of science, devoted to the geological sciences and to related fields, 2. Series , New Haven/Conn. 40 (2), S. 288

Anonym 1866: [Woodward, S.], B15, pp. 155-156

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