Name: Bethune-Baker, George Thomas
Also known under: Baker, George Thomas Bethune
Date of birth: 1857-07-20
Place of birth: in Birmingham
Days of death: 1944-12-01
Place of death: in Eastbourne
Gender: male
Collection: Lepidoptera (spez. Lycaenidae) an Zool. Mus. Cambridge (GB), historische Expl. an Brit. Mus. (N. H.) London.

Cockayne, E. A. 1945: [Bethune-Baker, G. T.] (The) Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society of London. Series C. Journal of Meetings - London., London (C), B15 10001c, pp. 47

Turner, H. J. 1945: [Bethune-Baker, G. T.] The Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation, London 57, B15 10005, pp. 35-36

Wainwright, C. J. (et al.) 1945: [Bethune-Baker, G. T.] The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, Third Series, London 81, B15 10006, pp. 48

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