Heller, Camill, 1869-00-00 © Senckenberg DEI, PSlg: 1627
Name: Heller, Camill
Date of birth: 1823-09-26
Place of birth: in Sobochleben, bei Teplitz
Days of death: 1917-00-00
Gender: unknown
Remark: Prof. Dr. med, Dr. phil
Specialisms: hölenlebende Insekten; Hymenoptera
Akronyms: Hell.

Christian, E. 2003: Die Frühzeit der Höhlenentomologie in Österreich. Denisia, Linz 8, S. 75-90, B15: 12011a, pp. 86, Portr.

Nonveiller, G. 1999: The Pioneers of the research on the Insects of Dalmatia. Zagreb, Hrvatski Pridodoslovni Muzej, 1-390 S., A2355, pp. 184

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