Name: Mavromoustakis, George A.
Date of birth: 1898-00-00
Place of birth: in Limassol, Cypern
Days of death: 1968-00-00
Place of death: in Limassol
Gender: male
Remark: Entomologe, Dept. of Agriculture, Nikosia
Specialisms: Hymenoptera
Collection: Vereinzelte nebenbei seit ca. 1928 Ausbeuten aus Zypern ex parte direkt, ex parte via Staudinger & Bang-Haas. - Coleoptera und Hymenoptera (ex parte) an Mus. civ. St. nat. Genova; Hymenoptera ex parte (speziell von Zypern) an Department of Agriculture, Nicosia.

Anonym 1989: Hymenoptera. The systematic list of Mavromoustakis' collection. Ministery of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture, Nicosia, S. 1-130, Sep. Taeger

Poggi, R.; Conci, C. 1996: [Mavromoustakis, G. A.] Memorie della Società Entomologica Italiana, Genova 75, B15 10160a, pp. 71 (Sammlungsverbleib)

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