Brown, Thomas © Senckenberg DEI, PSlg: 291
Name: Brown, Thomas
Also known under: Brown, Captain Thomas; Brown, T. S.
Date of birth: 1838-07-15
Place of birth: in Edinburgh
Days of death: 1919-08-24
Place of death: in Auckland, Neuseeland
Gender: male
Professions: Offizier
Remark: Major
Specialisms: Coleoptera
Collection: Coleoptera von Neuseeland an Brit. Mus. (N. H.) London, Dupla ex parte via A.E. Brookes / Waikato (N. S.) an Dominion Mus. Wellington (N. S.), ex parte via A.E. Brookes an die Tochter von Th. Brown, ex parte an Mus. civ. St. nat. Genova.

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