Name: Philpott, Alfred
Date of birth: 1871-00-00
Place of birth: in Inverrargill, Neu-Seeland
Days of death: 1931-07-24
Place of death: in Auckland
Gender: male
Remark: Assistant Entomologist am Cawthron Inst, Nelson, Neu-Seeland
Collection: Microlep. von Neu-Seeland mehrmals bis 1928 an U. S. Nation. Mus. Washington; Lep. von Neu-Seeland an Cawthron Inst. Nelson (N.S.); Material ab 1929 auch in Auckland Inst. & Mus. Auckland (N. S.).

Eltringham, H. 1932 (The) Proceedings of the Entomological Society of London 6, S. 107-108, B15 10001a, pp. 108

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