Name: Kaloostian, George
Date of birth: 1912-01-12
Place of birth: Caesarea
Days of death: 2007-09-15
Place of death: Riverside, CA
Gender: male
Professions: Entomologe
Remark: Dr. / Forschungsleiter, Boyden Ent. Laboratory, USDA, Calif.
Specialisms: angewandte Entomologie; gallenbildende Insekten

Anonym 1974: [Kaloostian, G. A.] Cecidologia Indica 9 (3), S. 109

Oldfield, G. N.; Nielson, M. W. 2008: George H. Kaloostian. American entomologist: bulletin of the Entomological Society of America, Lanham, Md. 54 (3), S. 189, 10 270a, pp. (Portr.)

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