Name: Collins, Donald Louis
Date of birth: 1908-08-19
Place of birth: in Union Springs, NY
Days of death: 1973-08-08
Place of death: (oder 06.08.) in Albany, NY
Gender: male

Anonym 1973: [Collins, D. L.] Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America, College Park, Md. 19 (3), B15: 10270a, pp. Umschlagseite

Anonym 1974: [Collins, D. L.] Ann. Rep. N. Y. State Sci. Serv. 1972-1973, pp. 22-24

Bickley, W. E. 1973: [Collins, D. L.] Mosquito News, Albany/N. Y. 33, pp. 475, Portr.

Jamnback, H. 1973: [Collins, D. L.] Journal of Economic Entomology, College Park / N.Y. 66, B15 10592, pp. 1359, Portr.

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