Name: Eickwort, George Campbell
Date of birth: 1940-06-08
Place of birth: in Brooklyn
Days of death: 1994-07-11
Place of death: in Jamaica
Gender: male
Specialisms: Hymenoptera

Anonym 1994: [Eickwort, G. C.] Sphecos. A Newsletter (= Forum) for Aculeate Wasp Researchers., Washington 27, B15 11907, pp. 4-5

Brown, W. L. jr.; Franclemont, J. G.; Tauber, M. J.; Liebherr, J. K. 1995: [Eickwort, G. C.] American entomologist: bulletin of the Entomological Society of America, Lanham, Md. 41 (3), B15 10270a, pp. 190-191, Portr.

Engel, M. S.; Alexander, B. A. 1996: [Eickwort, G. C.] Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, Lawrence Suppl. zu 69 (4), B15 10698, pp. 3-14, Portr. + Schr.verz.

Wcislo, W. T. (et al.) 1994: [Eickwort, G. C.] Insectes Sociaux. International Jopurnal for the Study of Social Arthropods. - Basel, Boston, Berlin (Birkhäuser Verlag)., Basel 41 (4), B15 11262a, pp. 461-463, Portr. (Geb.jahr hier: 1949)

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