Name: Johannsen, Oskar Augustus
Also known under: Johannsen, O. A.
Date of birth: 1870-05-14
Place of birth: in Davenport, IA
Days of death: 1961-11-07
Place of death: in Ithaca, NY
Gender: male
Professions: Entomologe
Remark: Prof.
Specialisms: Diptera
Akronyms: Joh.

Anonym 1961: [Johannsen, O. A.] Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America, College Park, Md. 7, S. 192, B15 10270a

Johannsen-Crook 1973: [Johannsen, O. A.] Entomological News , Philadelphia 84, S. 101-102, B15 10004

Stone, A. 1980: History of Nearctic Dipterology. In: Griffiths, G. C. D. (Ed.). Flies of the Nearctic Region. 1 Stuttgart, Schweizerbart, XIII+1-62 S., pp. 46

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