About the Biographies

This database contains 74.000 names, data on 37.000 entomologists of the world, 41.000 references about these entomologists, 5.000 acronyms, and 9.000 notes on the current locations of their entomological collections.
The origin of the data file goes back to the year 1910, when W. Horn and S. Schenkling of the DEI started to catalogue the locations of entomological collections. In the Twenties and Thirties of the last century this continually updated file became an independent core resource within the framework of international dissemination of information by the DEI. The Biographies are updated continuously and we are keen to contact other people, who are engaged in biography of entomologists and to receive corrections and supplementary information. The fastest method in such cases is to write comments, which is possible for each item of data.
The previous number of about 3.000 portraits has been increased to 6.100 by the project "DigiPorta: Digitalisierung und Erschließung von Porträts aus den Archiven der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft" by Editha Schubert.


8.0 (13. December 2015) ♥ for improved operation: selection of the search and sorting method from drop-down lists ♥ advanced search with optional data columns ♥ interface also in French language, thank you Djamila ♥ 3.700 personal names matched with ID of the „Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND)“ of the German National Library
7.0 (December 2015) ♥ Responsive design for mobile devices by Bootstrap ♥ also for disabled persons ♥ simple, mobile friendly search added ♥ selection of birthdays on start removed ♥ information about new versions removed ♥ sitemap for search engines added
6.0 (11. December 2013) ♥ features gender and profession added (will be updated continuously) ♥ search and order functions integrated into the table header ♥ information about new versions integrated into the site
5.0 (10. October 2012) ♥ incomplete dates transformed into date format ♥ comments enabled
4.0 (16. December 2010) ♥ data types updated, tables normalized and amount of data extended
3.0 (31. May 2008) ♥ fields 'acronym' and 'remark' added to the personal names ♥ link to the database of group fotos established, amount of data extended
2.0 (5. April 2006) ♥ programm revised, handling standardized ♥ portraits from image database integrated
1.1 (October 2001) ♥ programm revised, fields 'date of birth', 'date of death' and 'portrait in DEI' added ♥ amount of data extended ♥ English version added
1.0 (June 2001) ♥ biographies published in the internet for the first time


Creative commons: BY-SA 3.0 (Attribution - Share Alike). More see Creative Commons License

Recommendation for citation

Groll, E. K. 2017: Biographies of the Entomologists of the World. – Online database, version 8, Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Müncheberg – URL: sdei.senckenberg.de/biografies


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