Name: Lehmann, Martin Christian Gottlieb
Date of birth: 1775-00-00
Place of birth: in Hasselau, Holstein
Date of death: 1856-00-00
Place of death: in Kopenhagen
Gender: male

Henriksen, K. L. 1926: [Lehmann, M. C. G.] Entomologiske Meddelelser, KĂžbenhavn 15 (5), B15 10144, pp. 218-220, Portr.

Tuxen, S. L. 1973: Entomology Systematizes and describes: 1700-1815. In: Smith, R. F. , Mittler, T. E. & Smith, C. N. (Ed.). History of Entomology. Palo Alto, Annual Reviews Inc., 95-118 S., B15: 9947, pp. 102

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