Name: Pearl, Raymond
Date of birth: 1879-00-00
Days of death: 1940-00-00
Gender: male

Anonym 1940: [Pearl, R.]. The quarterly review of biology, Chicago, Ill. 15 (4), S. nur Porträt

Anonym 1941: [Pearl, R.] Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences, Washington D. C. 31, S. 127

Greenwood, M. 1941: [Pearl, R.] Nature, London 147, S. 140, B15 11653

Greenwood, M. 1941: [Pearl, R.] Ecology, a publication of the Ecological Society of America, Brooklyn, N. Y. 22, S. 408, B15 10595

Miner, J. R. (et al.) 1941: [Pearl, R.] Scientific Monthly 52, S. 142-144

Reed, L. J. 1940: [Pearl, R.] Science 92, S. 595-597

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