Name: Baikie, William Balfour
Date of birth: 1825-00-00
Date of death: 1864-09-00
Place of death: Sierra Leone
Gender: male

Anonym 1865: [Baikie, W. B.] L'Entomologiste. Revue d'Amateurs, Paris 2 (1864-65), B15 11185, pp. 174

Gilbert, P. 2007: A Source Book for Biographical Literature on Entomologists Leiden, Backhuys Publishers, 694 S., A 2972, pp. 25

Pascoe, F. P. 1864-1866: [Baikie, W. B.] (The) Transactions of the Entomological Society of London, Third Series, Journal of Proceedings, London 2, B15 10001, pp. 71

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