Name: Gray, George Robert
Date of birth: 1808-07-08
Place of birth: in London
Days of death: 1872-05-06
Place of death: in London
Gender: male
Remark: Zool. Dept. Brit. Museum
Akronyms: G.R.Gray

Anonym 1871-1872: [Gray, G. R.] Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, London, pp. LXII-LXIV

Anonym 1872: [Gray, G. R.] American journal of science, devoted to the geological sciences and to related fields, 3. Series , New Haven/Conn. 4 (3), S. 160

Anonym 1872: [Gray, G. R.] The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, including Zoology, Botany, and Geology; Sixth Series, London 9 (4), B15 10836, pp. 480-481

Anonym 1872: [Gray, G. R.] The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, Third Series, London 8, B15 10006, pp. 23-24

Anonym 1872: [Gray, G. R.] Petites Nouvelles Entomologiques, Paris 1, B15 10018, pp. 216-217

Anonym 1872: [Gray, G. R.] The Ibis, pp. 340

Anonym 1872: [Gray, G. R.] Zool. Garten 13, pp. 160

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