Name: Valenciennes, Achille
Date of birth: 1794-08-06
Days of death: 1865-04-13
Gender: male
Remark: Professor am Nautrwiss. Museum Paris, Ichthyologe
Akronyms: Val.; Valenc.

Anonym 1865: [Valenciennes, A.] The American Naturalist, a monthly Journal devoted to the Natural Sciences in their widest sence, Philadelphia/Pa. 40 (2), B15 10214, pp. 140

Anonym 1866: [Valenciennes, A.] Nederlandsch tijdschrift voor de dierkunde, Amsterdam 3, pp. 71-72

Vibraye, P. de 1868: [Valenciennes, A.] Mémoires d'agriculture, d'économie rurale et domestique: année ... , Paris, pp. 45-49

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