Name: Erwin, Terry L.
Date of birth: 1940-12-00
Place of birth: St. Helena, CA
Gender: male
Remark: Ph.D.
Specialisms: Carabidae; Coleoptera
Collection: Insecta of Ecuadorian Amazon in Museo de la Escuela Politécnica Nacional of Ecuador

Barragán, A.; Dangles, O.; Cárdenas, R. E.; Onore, G. 2009: The History of Entomology in Ecuador. Annales de la Société Entomologique de France (N. S.), Paris 45 (4), S. 410-423, B15 10008

Bouchard, P.; Brunke, A. J.; Davies, A. E.; Douglas, H.; Smith, A. B. T.; Manoogian, J. 2018: 150 years of new beetles (Coleoptera) described in The Canadian Entomologist and associated publications (1868-2017). The Canadian Entomologist, Ottawa 150 (6), S. 685-696, 10 219

Erwin, T. L. 1975: List of publications (Nr.1, 1965 - Nr.36, 1975), B15 Sep.

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