Name: Lounsbury, Charles Pugsley
Date of birth: 1872-09-20
Place of birth: in Brooklyn, NY
Days of death: 1955-06-07
Place of death: in Pretoria
Gender: male
Remark: Dept of Agriculture of the Cape of Good Hope
Specialisms: angewandte Entomologie

Anonym 1987: [Lounsbury, C. P.] Plant Protection News : Plantbeskermingsnuus - Pretoria., Pretoria (Nr. 10), B15 12285, pp. 1, Portr.

Howard, L. O. 1930: History of applied Entomology (Somewhat Anecdotal). Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Washington 84, S. X+1-564, B15: 1018, pp. (Taf. 32)

Mossop, M. C. 1955: [Lounsbury, C. P.] Journ. ent. Soc. South. Africa 18, S. 144-148, B 15 11050

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