Name: Bormans, Auguste de
Also known under: Durbony, Auguste de; Durieu, Auguste de; Durieu du Brony, Auguste de
Gender: male
Professions: Offizier
Specialisms: Orthoptera
Akronyms: Borm.
Collection: Dermaptera: Forficulidae ex parte direkt, ex parte 1897 via M. Burr an Brit. Mus. (N. H.) London; Orthoptera ex parte an Hope Mus. Oxford.

Harvey, J. M. V.; Gilbert, P.; Martin, K. 1996: A catalogue of manuscripts in the entomology library of the Natural History Museum, London. Mansell, London, xvi, 251 S., A 3755, pp. 23 f.

M. B. 1901: [Bormans, A. de] The Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation, London 13, B15 10005, pp. 85-88, Portr.

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