Douglas, John William, 1874-00-00 © Senckenberg DEI, PSlg: 897
Name: Douglas, John William
Date of birth: 1814-11-15
Place of birth: in Putney
Days of death: 1905-08-28
Place of death: in Garlesden
Gender: male
Specialisms: Lepidoptera
Akronyms: Dgl.; Dougl.
Collection: Britische Coleoptera und Hemiptera an # H. W. Ellis. Britische Marcolepidoptera und alle Rhynchota via J. C.Stevens, via Janson & Son 1904 sowie Microlepidoptera via J. C. Stevens, via Th. Walsingham 1910 an Brit. Mus. (N. H.) London.

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