A0676: GERMANY, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bielefeld, Johannisbach-Stausee near viaduct , 52°03'16"N 08°34'20"E
A0712: NETHERLANDS, Coast of the North Sea, 45 km WSW of Rotterdam, dunes N of the Brouwersdam , 51°47'N 03°52'E
Al2023: ALBANIA, West coast of Lake Ohrid, hilltop near Lin with Illyrian mosaics , 41°03'57"N 20°38'45"E File card available comment available
Al2024: ALBANIA, Western shore of Lake Ohrid, S of village Lin , 41°03'43"N 20°38'52"E File card available
Al2025: ALBANIA, West coast of lake Ohrid , 41°03'07"N 20°38'45"E File card available
Al2026: ALBANIA, Western coast of lake Ohrid, Hotel Lyhnidas , 40°59'41"N 20°38'12"E File card available
Al2028: ALBANIA, about 15 km SSE of Korça, swamp and road edge, S of village Ujëbardhë , 40°30'39"N 20°41'36"E File card available
Al2029: ALBANIA, Road Korçe to Ersekë, about 1.2 km W of Helmës, about 1 km N of two adjacent rivers, N of Selenicë , 40°27'08"N 20°40'03"E File card available
Al2030: ALBANIA, Road between Gërmenj (N) and Koma Kabash (S), fish restaurant "Farma Sotira Hotel Taverne Peshku" , 40°12'54"N 20°38'54"E File card available
Al2031: ALBANIA, Road side S of Përmet, bridge over river Vjoses E of Badëlonjë , 40°12'28"N 20°23'16"E File card available
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